An Exquisite C. Dunaigre Swiss Certified 4.9 Ctw Zambian Emerald E VVS Diamond Platinum Ring

Extremely Fine Natural Vivid Green Emerald & Diamond Three Stone Ring in Solid Platinum/18K Yellow Gold. This Ring was Made by us Here in New York City, is of the Finest Quality.

The Center Stone is an Exceptional C. Dunaigre Swiss Certified Natural 3.79 Ct Vivid Green Emerald that measures Approximately 10 x 8 mm, was Mined in Zambia & has not been treated or enhanced in any way other than Minor Cedar Oil Only (F1.) It Has Fantastic Color in Person, a Super Vibrant, Bright Glowing Green Hue with Vivid Saturation, a Medium Tone & Subtle Bluish Undertones we sometime see in the Finest Zambian Specimens. The Color is Bold, Electric & Perfectly Balanced (not too dark/not too light.) This Gorgeous Emerald has a Well Executed Emerald Step Cut with Truncated Corners, Beautiful Symmetry/Proportions & is a Very Reflective GEM. It Has Incredible Clarity for an Emerald & is Super Clean to the Eye with a Crystal Body void of any Cloudiness/Haziness that we see in the vast Majority of Emeralds on the market. It is a Super Lively Emerald that is Full of Brilliance, Fire, Spark & Flash making it Exceptional in the Market. It is a Brand New Emerald that has Never Been Set Before, is in Excellent Shape & Has a Beautiful, Buttery Smooth Finish/Polish. Overall, an Exceptional Investment Grade Emerald that Checks all the Boxes with Amazing Color, Clarity, Cutting & Size. Which is Considered to be TOP Quality (in the top 0.1% of Emeralds Mined Today) & is Considered Extremely Difficult to Replace. Making this an Excellent Choice for Anyone who is looking for an Emerald/Diamond Three Stone Ring in this size range who is Not Willing to Compromise on Quality in Any Way or for the Seasoned Collector.

The Mounting was 100% Custom Made Specifically for This Incredible Emerald out of Solid Platinum with a Solid 18K Yellow Gold Center Basket & is Stamped with both the Metal Hallmarks/Our Maker’s Mark. It Features a Matching Pair of Natural E-F Color VVS Clarity Cadillac Step Cut Diamonds that weigh 1.06 Ct Combined. They Are Both Colorless Diamonds that are 100% Clean from inclusions to the Eye as Well as Clean under 10x Magnification. They are Both Beautifully Cut, Crystal Clear Diamonds that are Teeming with Life, Brilliance, Fire, Flash & Spark from Every Direction. They are both Brand New Diamonds that have never been set before & are in Perfect Shape. They are both 100% Natural Earth Mined Diamonds that have NOT Been Treated or Enhanced in Any Way.

This Ring is a Size 6.5 & is Easily Sizable by an Experienced Jeweler.

The Retail Replacement Value of this ring is Approximately $70,000 & a GIA Gemologist Insurance Appraisal will be Included.

This Emerald is Certified by the Prestigious C. Dunaigre Swiss Lab, the Certificate is Included with this Ring & is Verifiable by Contacting The Lab.

We Have Thoroughly Examined Every Component of This Ring with our In House GIA Graduate Gemologists & We Guarantee 100% That this is a Natural Earth Mined Vivid Green Emerald that has Not been treated or enhanced in any way other than Minor Oil