A Gorgeous GIA Certified Unheated 5 Ctw Vivid Pink Sapphire EVVS Diamond Platinum Ring

The center stone is an exceptional natural (very rare) GIA Certified 4.02 Ct GEM Quality Vivid Pink Sapphire Sapphire (that has not been heated or treated in any way.) It’s Charming Cushion Brilliant Cut measures approx 9.3 x 7.8 & it was mined in Madagascar. (Overall it is One of the most important pink sapphires we have come across in recent years.) It has a very attractive Vivid Purplish Pink Hue with a medium tone & Very High Saturation the level of which is very rare in unheated pink sapphires. It has a beautifully faceted antique style cushion brilliant cut & is a very reflective gem with no window. The Cutter very skillfully brought out the color & character within this GEM & finished the cut with Character. This special Gem has Incredible Clarity for an unheated pink sapphire of this size/color & is completely clean to the eye (pretty much loupe clean as well.) It is a Very Lively Sapphire with Lots of Fire, Spark & Flash & has a very pleasant soft glow under florescent lighting (due to its very strong florescence under UV light – a key characteristic of the very best pink sapphires/rubies.) Overall a Fantastic & special Pink Sapphire that checks all the regular boxes, has a lot of character/charm/personality & is unheated. 

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