Perception evanishes in unconscious apperception,
Piercing psyche roused up to peregrination.
‘Neath un-thought obsidian and glistering noctilucent,
Enveloped in gnarled simulacrum astride crystalline ascent.

Well-nigh in periphery serrated leviathans loom,
Ascending in glorious gray from shadow’s deepest gloom.
Still tenebrous ivory effulgence shimmers about their crown,
Avowing bursting elegance to descend gleaming on the town.

More remote remorseless frigid glacials range perpetually,
Dread lethargy retards slightest motion effectually.
Placidity rips breathlessness savages density crushes,
Quivering in fragility carmine swells with pressure rushes.

Illumination deluges sharpening dividing blinding,
Gold and silver adorn flowing in rivulets sashes binding.
From eyes emulating radiance in salty waterfalls bathing,
Stern countenance beams dazzling but scathing.

By Kevin Lake