This is a truly special antique Georgian period brooch with bale to hang as a pendant.  The star of this brooch is a cabochon cut natural bright red ruby.  This ruby has bright red-orange fluorescence under a black light indicating Burmese origin.  The ruby measures about 8.35 by 7.04 mm’s.  Depth is hard to say, it is uneven and cut concave in the center but I am guessing the ruby is about 2 carats.  It has natural inclusions and some edge chips, natural for the way these stones were cut at the time.  Rare stones were cut to include as much of the rough as possible and this was a rare stone indeed at the beginning of the 19th century.  The ruby is surrounded with 10 sparkly rose cut diamonds.  There are also three small old cut rubies set into flower motifs.  The brooch is not marked.  It acid tests for 18k yellow gold and the diamonds are set into silver with closed backs.  The ruby is such a lovely color that the back was left open, no silvering needed!  The brooch has a tube hinge and “C” clasp.  The brooch measures about 36.93 mm’s long by 23.41 mm’s wide excluding the bale for hanging from a chain.

Georgian Antique 1.45 Carat No Heat Ruby Diamond Pendant Gold Silver Giardinetti