Romantic and artfully designed, this stunning ring features a gorgeous and exceptionally well cut 0.83ct diamond set amidst emerald accented 14k rose gold vines. Vibrant and completely eye clean, the diamond stands out stunningly against the blush warmth of the rose gold. The botanical setting is beautifully crafted in 14k rose gold. The effect is stylish, unique, and positively romantic! A fully original piece, this ring was designed and crafted in our own Chicago shop. Elegant, chic, and fully original, it is an excellent choice for a romantic engagement or right hand ring that will stand out from the crowd! Graded J-K for color, the 0.83ct diamond appears nicely white in this setting! Any very subtle warmth blends nicely with the setting, and the diamond stands out brightly in contrast. Graded SI2-SI3 for clarity, the diamond is 100% eye clean. The inclusions are all white and they blend perfectly into the faceting. There is no black in this diamond. The diamond is bright and vibrant, and the inclusions are completely invisible to the naked eye. Cut with excellent proportions for light performance, the diamond has phenomenal brilliance. Overall, it is a beautiful diamond, full of life and fire. The emeralds are a brightly saturated green hue reminiscent of fresh spring leaves. The diamond and emeralds are all natural earth mined stones. The ring measures 6.7mm across (north south) and 4.9mm from finger to top. Artful, elegant, and unique, this beauty will show off your individual sense of style! It would make a beautifully romantic engagement or right hand ring!

Side View

On Hand View

Natori x Angara Alternate Emerald Hexagonal Necklace