Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof has been known throughout the world of jewelry as the epitome of originality and a master of ancient and old world crafting techniques. His collection is considered an important part of the jewelry world  and its history as it exemplifies the pinnacle of what almost every jewelry artist aspires to do with their career. The piece of jewelry on display here is a one of a kind piece and exhibits an unbridled commitment and passion for superior craftsmanship and original design. The frog prince displays cabochon rubies for eyes and a green emerald at the forefront of its crown. The crown is also adorned with white and fancy yellow diamond’s. Exquisitely textured 18kt yellow gold serves as the frog’s body which is also encrusted with 11 bezel set fancy intense and vivid yellow diamond’s. This is an exceptionally rare and precious piece of jewelry from Zadora and deserves to be on a throne.

Zadora Frog Prince Brooch 18kt Gold with

Fancy Yellow Diamond’s, Rubies & Emerald Crown