This lovely translucent red French lead crystal puffed cupid heart is made by one of the world’s most prestigious crystal design houses: Baccarat. It is a delightful little sculpture measuring 3″ in length and width and just over 1 1/2″ in thickness. It can gently rest in the palm of your hand and has a nice solid weight to it at 322.4 grams which feels like a full cup of coffee. The heart is hallmarked with Baccarat’s logos. This would be a wonderful gift to anyone you care about as it is a simple gesture of love and affection fit for any occasion. The original Baccarat box is included with this heart, but there is a slight scratch on the top of the box to the right of the Baccarat logo. 

Baccarat Crystal Puffed Cupid Heart Red French Sculpture 3"