GIA 8.83 ct FLAWLESS Natural Blue Zircon Diamond 18k White Gold Ring
GIA 8.83 ct FLAWLESS Natural Blue Zircon Diamond 18k White Gold Ring

Spectacular Vivid Blue Color & Tremendous Size” GIA Certified 8.83 Carat Natural Blue Zircon and Diamond Cocktail Ring.

This extraordinary Top Gem Blue Zircon features the vivid & intense greenish blue color only found in the finest Cambodian zircon specimens.

This world class ring features a generous.41 carats of beautiful near flawless VVS1-VS1 clarity colorless & near colorless F-G round brilliant accent diamonds elegantly set in a master crafted solid 18k white gold setting.

These extra-large accent diamonds will draw attention from across the room.

This gorgeous ring is available through Certified Jewelry.
Zircon is an important jewelry gemstone which is sometimes confused with the cheap and ubiquitous synthetic stone known as cubic zirconia. Of course the two are totally distinct in their chemistry, optical properties and origins.  Zircon is a natural material (zirconium silicate) which is found in Cambodia, Burma and Sri Lanka as well as in Brazil, Australia and East Africa. Colorless when pure, zirconium silicate takes on various shades due to impurities. The brilliance and fire of this gemstone makes it very popular and it is attractively priced in comparison with many other fine gems. The wide variety of colors of zircon, its rarity, and its relatively low cost make it a popular collector’s stone. Collectors enjoy the search for all possible colors and variations. Zircon is also a favorite of gemologists and geologists for its unique properties.

The prices and value of fine zircon vary depending on the size and quality of the gemstone.  Blue is the most popular zircon color, followed by honey, red and white. Green zircon, resulting from the effects of natural radioactivity, is rare. In blue zircon, look for a saturated blue. Clean gems in large sizes are especially valuable.