Premier Exhibitions discovered the gems—diamonds, sapphires, pearls, and gold jewelry belonging to elite passengers of the Titanic—in an unmarked leather bag during a deep-sea expedition. 


Small 14k yellow gold ribbon brooch set with one old mine cut diamond in the center and one old mine cut drop diamond. Made in France, England, Netherlands, and Spain from second half of 17th century.


Ladies platinum ring set with three diamonds. The center diamond is a pear shape with two round diamonds set on the sides. Made of platinum wire, all the diamonds are bezel set. 

Handmade platinum, 18k gold, and diamond ring.

Handmade platinum, 18k gold, and diamond ring. The gallery design gives it a three-dimensional depth as it highlights the Edwardian love of jewelry in imitation of lace.

Green cuff links

Formal dress was expected and enjoyed in Edwardian society. For men, this always included a matching set of cuff links and collar buttons to enhance a formal shirt. [These] gold and enamel sets…were found in a small jewelry box inside a leather suitcase.