With its breathtaking architecture and monumental frescos, Palazzo Barberini set unprecedented standards of beauty. A true manifesto of Baroque artistry, the Roman landmark inspired the magnificent Blue Fantasy High Jewellery necklace. Large festoons, epic stuccos, painted statues and superlative decorations are conjured by the jewel’s lavish design and sumptuous gemstones — touchable expressions of Bvlgari’s “Mai troppo” creative approach.

Glamorous and sparkling, the necklace is a spectacular display of monumental shapes and exceptional artistry. The Palazzo’s richness of details, voluptuous plasticity and colossal volumes, is translated into the jewel’s relentless dynamism. The refined contrast between diamonds and sapphires, the diversity of cuts and the incessant alternation between full and empty spaces lead the gaze towards the showstopping sapphire, a masterwork of nature both in terms of colour and size.