yellow diamondLaurence Graff, the founder of London’s Graff Diamond, acquired one of the largest fancy vivid yellow diamonds ever discovered, a 299-carat rough yellow diamond from the Letseng mine in Lesotho.

yellow diamond 2

Now the gem has been meticulously cut into nine different stones: six pear-shapped, two brilliant-cut round,and the cushion-cut Golden Empress, the largest at 132 carats.

Yellow and White Diamond Scroll Motif Necklace

The Golden Empress is the centerpiece of a necklace strung with 30 additional yellow diamonds. Its price is available upon request. This collection of yellow diamonds will be displayed at Graff’s showroom in New York City

Yellow and White Diamond Scroll Motif Necklace

Symbolizing the grandeur and decadence of the Baroque era, this one-of-a-kind necklace is a stunning jewelry design featuring exceptional yellow diamonds. At Graff’s atelier in the heart of London, the highly skilled design team work closely with Master Craftsmen to ensure jewels are set to perfection. Diamonds 131.12cts

Riviera Pavé Yellow Sapphire Eternity Ring in 18k Yellow Gold Rich yellow sapphires create an endless row of color in this petite 18k yellow gold, gemstone eternity ring.